Ad Roll back door and tap that as…….’s Terms of Service –

Personal Data- (That AdRoll collects)

The Client(Company or individual that wants to advertise) acknowledges and accepts to insert the AdRoll code
and tags on its webpages.

Any data received by AdRoll via the tags inserted on Client webpages will be used for performing the service
and for no other purpose. AdRoll will collect and use these data in accordance with all applicable laws and
regulations, including but not limited to laws governing privacy and data protection. The Client shall undertake
to include on its website(s), a privacy policy that discloses that third parties may place anonymous cookies on
the browsers of visitors to its website(s) and may send their own cookies to the visitors’ cookie file.
These cookies will allow the AdRoll Technology to serve Banners.

*Each Banner will include a link that will include information for users on how to opt-out of being cookie retargeted.* – you can see for yourself if you want another tracking cookie….


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