Ad Banners- opt out through the LOGO

Use of the AdChoices Logo – AdChoices is a program established by various industry associations
(DMA, AAAA, IAB, including the IAB Europe, NAI, and others) that gives consumers enhanced notice and choices
regarding collection and use of information for online behavioral advertising, and provides the opportunity for
end users to opt out of targeted advertising. Atlas participates in the AdChoices program as part of the
cross-industry Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising in order to promote consumer privacy.
It is the obligation of advertisers to comply with industry-wide self-regulatory OBA obligations when using Atlas
technology, including Atlas Audience Messaging. Advertisers using Atlas technology must provide notice to users
regarding the collection or use of their data in order to deliver behaviorally targeted ads. For our advertisers’
convenience, Atlas makes the AdChoices logo feature available in the Media Console. Alternatively,
advertising customers are free to use a third party vendor of their choice to fulfill their OBA enhanced
notice obligations.

For Companies Engaged in Online Behavioral Advertising:

Display the Advertising Option Icon so that consumers can easily find out about online behavioral advertising,
learn about the data practices associated with advertisements they receive, and opt-out if they choose.


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