No Boundaries for food-systems and the desire to influence consumer products?

Ever go to your near by chicken farm or cattle ranch? Do you feel alienated from the food you eat? If you ask a child today where an egg comes from most of them don’t know the answer. “Mother Goose?”, said the sparkly eyed six year-old with over-alls on with a sponge bob square pants T-shirt. If you notice most cartoons scenes are less than ten seconds long and are changing the nuero-logical patterning of our brains, although I will get to that in more detail later. If you ask people, the amount of knowledge that the general public knows about food is so minuet compared to pop-culture, cartoons, sitcoms, social media, and movies. Which usually don’t portray the correct  information to people in the first place. Can we call the entertainment industry, disinformationalism? “So, how do we explore the wide range of technology that could be used to produce healthy food?”, asked the dirt-bag junkie home-bum that sleeps on a cardboard box. “Well, we could offer open unused land to individuals that would like to implement and trial food-systems that could change the way we think and learn including produce the food we eat.”, responded  the adolescent fema-nazi know it all cheerleader from the suburbs. What I like to call a full-circuit food-system is a farm that takes care of animals in a open-range manner. Where there is a  fenced in space for food production and a fenced in space for animals to be protected from predators at night. During the day, the animal graze in the non-food production areas during the growing season. Which doesn’t have to fenced in except at the roads and the rest of the land could be natural fences that could be grown and weaved together. In the winter, the animals can graze on a planned cover crop in the food production zones to provide for an organic fertilizer. At night the animals are taught to go back to the protection zone or corralled back to the protection zone or the place where they can feel safe to sleep and reproduce. If you want a greenhouse for a nursery for plants the composted manure produced from the protection zone can go right in the nursery for an organic fertilizer so put it near the protection zone. If you switch the animal’s from one food production zone to the next it will keep disease and bacteria to a minimum in the soil therefore creating a healthy habitat for both the food you eat and the animal to live. During the growing season, the food production zones you are not growing food in, you can grow animal supplemental food for the winter that can also be soil revitalization if you choose the right food supplement to grow. Bingo, you have yourself what I like to call an open-ranged full-circuit food-system. In a situation with no boundaries for learning and implementation, more systems like mine could be created for producing healthier food. In the learning environment one has the opportunity to remove the standards of practice and create an whole new system with the idea of safety and health at the fore-front. In which, if you want to change something, desire has to be at the heart of the matter. If you desire to think differently and you remove the boundaries of conventional knowledge, you will have the ability to change something, which can also be consumer products. “Well, how do you desire to think different and remove the boundaries of conventional knowledge?”, asked the sarcastic trust-fund hipster. “All you have to do is want to and try to start with basic ideas and then move to more complicated concepts as you develop the understanding of what you are learning or developing? Keep a journal and record what you are doing as you study and learn what others have done in the past. Take breaks and try not push yourself into developing an idea. Let the idea simmer as you go along. Then, after trailing the idea, change it as you learn more into a more complicated  version of what you are making. Think about what you want to change, find what’s missing in the situation, and implement it. The desire will come naturally. Remember when you fail or don’t produce something of value,  record it in your journal because one day you might realize what you didn’t when you failed. Because the times you fail are sometimes more valuable than the times you succeed.” whispered the poop covered clumsy infant. “Why?” replied the overbearing father of three. ” When you lose or fail you learn more than you would when you win? spoken by an unknown.  Farms Not Fields

By One Day Evermore

Open-ranged full-circuit farming – N. – Space that allows access to large areas of open land for growing crops, rearing animals, grazing, satisfying mental stimuli and completely supplies it own fertilizer and food from the distance around the farm.

Food-system- N. – A complex whole; set of connected things or parts to develop nutritious substance ingested to maintain life and growth or mental stimulus.

Nuero-logical – N. – a systemic and formulated knowledge of reasoning evolved from a patterning of nerves in the brain and spine within a period of time. (nuerologically- adj.)

Protection Zone – N. – An area having particlar features, properties, purpose, or use in regards to farming for animals to feel safe and reproduce.


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