Primitivism VS. Technology for your Diet – Consumerism Technology

Have you ever wanted to eat your computer? Well now you can the new edible computer… NO, not really but imagine instead of eating algae on your salad, you are holding an algae phone in your hands. Could you imagine the mess it would make on the environmentalist front? “GreenTech, I’ll never on my life buy a phone made of algae, fungus, and bacteria, you MORON!”, said the enviro-hipster. “Well, my boy don’t you think having a phone or computer might help you organize your Fundamentally Extreme Anti-Tech pro-earth protests or do you transmit your plans through hyper-matter thought bubbles?” spoken softly by a little man standing on a wooden crate with a glass case next to him. Enclosed in the glass case is a tablet the size of your hands with a hard shell composed of dried algae, pine tree sap, and cattail. The screen is a thin slice of Graphene, or Carbon, and inside is a intricate puzzle of vesicles made of fungus filled with information based electronic signal transferring bacterium communicating alpha-numerical code to a fungi-bacterium-silicate circuit and transposing it into a graphical image in front of you, me, and all our tree-hugging social media warped minds to help bring all of us a little closer to a sustainable technology that we can’t seem to live without. Vehicles made of plant-based outer shells or even your refrigerator, that houses our self-denying strict diets that we crucify each other about even though we can even afford to pay our heating bills, speaking of heat, which I won’t even go into right now. Technology doesn’t have to litter third-world countries and the back-allies of silicon valley. We don’t have to deny the fact that technology is polluting the world around us, we just have to decide to invest or purchase the alternatives that are available, buy from companies that are willing to manufacture green-technology and communicate our desire that want these instantly gratifying devices only composed of different materials. Well, you say these plant-fungus-bacterium based technologies breakdown, won’t last, and yes they will and that is the point. Although there is these nano-sized machines that becoming cheaper and cheaper to make everyday and with a capsule containing a magnet to house and extract these machines in our plant-fungus-bacterium computers, we don’t have to worry about them falling in your free-range chicken laying egg sandwich that we all love and appreciate, because We all know that healthy food knows no boundaries. This Capsule would seat itself inside your computer and with the proper programing the nano-machines would want to recharge themselves inside the capsule which would double as the battery for the device. Twice a week these nano-machines complete a renewing process that would direct them to refresh all the components of your plant-fungus-bacterium based device. You could even have the size and shape completely change if so desired creating a fresh design when you feel like the look of your device is getting dull or drab and needs a new feeling told the way communicate long distances. Now, don’t get me confused with someone who doesn’t realize that communicating directly to another person isn’t the best neuro-logically patterned behavior there is but let’s face it technology is here is stay and the more we deny that fact the less we can do to change it.

Graphene screens

By One Day Evermore

Hyper-matter – N. – A particular substance outside the scope or understanding of that has mass and occupies space.

Nuero-logical – N. – a systemic and formulated knowledge of reasoning evolved from a patterning of nerves in the brain and spine within a period of time. (nuerologically- adj.)

Green Technology РN.- Study or use of the mechanical arts and application of knowledge with reasoning as a function concerning  and supporting the protection of the environment.


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